Band of Brothers

Men of Truth Conference 2021

Saturday, April 10th, 2021

The Minnesota River Valley Mentoring Program is a proud supporter of the Men of Truth and we will once again be at this year’s Men of Truth conference, Band of Brothers. Read on to hear a little more about how this relates to mentoring.

Although we often talk about mentoring in the light of working with returning citizens recently released from prison or jail, but it is certainly not the only type of mentoring. Most of us mentor someone is some way or another everyday.

Parent to child, teacher to student, team leader to team member, friend to friend, and the list goes on….

Man, woman, adult or child, we’re all capable of mentoring in various capacities. Mentoring at the base level is merely being a friend, walking with them through their struggles, and setting a good example.

Men of Truth at its core is a form of mentoring. That’s likely why a number of our mentors are actively involved with the Men of Truth planning committee. We see the value. We share the same passion to help encourage each other to lead productive, godly lives.

This year’s Men of Truth conference, Band of Brothers, is no exception. Just look at the three main topics for this year’s conference:

Get a Brother. You’re Not Alone.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. In fact, your body and mind are gifts from God and you should be taking care of them. You don’t have to do it alone. Seek out those who can help. Start with God as He already has all the answers and provides the strength you need. Find a good Christian brother to be that go-to guy for support. And absolutely seek out professional help if your personal struggle includes things like depression, addiction and/or mental illness.

Be a Brother. Don’t Go Alone.

Not wanting to be selfish, share of yourself. Don’t me a one-man band who only takes care of themselves. Be that brother to someone else. Support them in their lows and help them celebrate their highs. Set a good, Christian example. Whether you’re a friend, brother, father, co-worker – or even just the stranger in a store – live your faith and let it shine. God literally sees all, but everyone you interact with in your daily lives see more of you than you may realize. Make it be a good sight.

Know Your Sisters. Seek First to Understand.

Part of being a man – a real man – is knowing how to treat the women in our lives. Our sisters, mothers, daughters – any women we interact with in daily life – all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This not only benefits the women in our lives, and our relationships with them, but also sets an example for others. For example, a man treating his wife in a loving, Christian manner sets an example in multiple ways: His son sees how a husband should act. His daughter learns how a wife should be treated. Friends see how they should treat their spouse. The list goes on…

Stop by our table at the Men of Truth conference if you’re attending. If you’re not able to make this year’s conference, check out the main Men of Truth website to stay informed of future events. You can find them at