What is a mentor?

A mentor is a mature, committed, caring, and knowledgeable Christian who helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person, who wants to learn, toward a godly and productive life in Christ.

The need for a mentor

Each week individuals walk into our New Ulm churches looking for help.  The ministry staffs do their best to identify their real needs, give them the Gospel, and if possible, determine if we or others can help with immediate physical needs and more importantly, their spiritual needs. 

The people vary. There are low-income persons or fixed-income persons who recently have met with a crisis. 

There are persons recently released from jail or prison who are trying to make a new start but need help walking that path.

There are persons new to life in New Ulm and trying but struggling make it here. 

The needs are unique to the individual – gas, lodging, encouragement, clothing, help with rent, a consistent and welcoming church home, a sense of belonging and community that will lift them up instead of bring them down, and the list continues.

Our churches are developing the Minnesota River Valley Mentoring Program to train and empower our ministerial staffs and church members to meet the spiritual needs of these persons as well as to help them with their physical needs.

Areas of focus in mentoring

Home Finances

  • Clarifying needs
  • Sharing strategies for building a budget
  • Saving for the future

Religious Encouragement

  • Sitting together in worship
  • Guiding through worship materials
  • Including in fellowship

Connecting with others

  • Connecting one-on-one
  • Developing strategies to build trust
  • Networking within the community

Transportation / 72 Hours

  • Transporting to the Brown County Family Services, Workforce Center, Treasure Haus, grocery stores, and other sources of aid 

Goal Setting / My Future

  • Paraphrasing goals
  • Visualizing the future
  • Facilitating next steps

Life in New Ulm

  • Extending educational opportunities
  • Navigating the culture & politics of New Ulm