Our Commitment to You

We commit to provide the guidance and help that people need as well as a consistent and welcoming church home and a community that will lift them up instead of bring them down.

  • Love and respect you
  • Clarify your needs
  • Help you meet your needs
  • Guide you in setting goals
  • Encourage you in achieving goals
  • Provide accountability
  • Connect you with needed resources
  • Help you in your relationship with God
  • Pray for you
  • Provide a caring community

Our Expectations of You

At the same time we expect that those in the program will agree to its guidelines, participate in setting goals, and with the help of mentors will strive to achieve their goals.

  • Agree to program guidelines
  • Cooperate with & follow up with mentors
  • Avoid threatening speech and behavior
  • Communicate regularly and honestly
  • Cooperate with agencies helping you
  • Be open to hearing about Jesus