Todd was recently released from a long stay in jail. He had lost his job and had no money. He had no family to provide emotional or financial help. His support was basically that of his probation officer. While that support was important, it wasn’t sufficient to help him settle in a healthy lifestyle and to lead a productive life.

Working with a probation officer, Minnesota River Valley Mentoring Program helped Todd get the necessary personal items he initially needed, connect with local county services, fill out job applications, prepare for interviews, and get a job through a local employment office.

Mentors encouraged Todd. They prayed for and with Todd. To the extent that Todd felt comfortable, they also helped Todd to know more about God and his love for people in Jesus.

While Todd still struggles with issues, he is working with his mentors. Yet he is not alone in his struggles. He knows God is with him; his mentors are there too.

The Allens

The Allen family is part of an area WELS congregation. Though pleasant people, Mike and Beth struggle in getting to worship, paying bills, and in raising their children. Neither Mike nor Beth came from solid families with good role models.

After being introduced to our mentoring program, they committed to it as well as program guidelines.

One mentor is helping them with money management. Their church is helping Mike and Beth with limited financial assistance. A couple is helping Mike and Beth with parenting and when needed, are sitting with the family to assist them during worship.

God is working. Mike and Beth are working. The mentors are working. By God’s grace things are working out.