We all struggle

At one time or another most people find themselves in situations that seem overwhelming. It can be the result of an emergency, illness, lay-off from work, being the victim of a crime or abuse, release from jail or prison, the struggle to stay sober, or other situations.

The resulting needs can vary — employment, help with managing money, encouragement, getting connected with available services, transportation, finding a place to live, help with rent, managing a household, making meals, clothes, finding a sense of belonging and more.

We all need help

At the same time there is also the need to deal with guilt and get closer to God. Many are looking for inner peace and meaning in life.

The Minnesota River Valley Mentoring Program helps people who are looking for assistance in the above and are willing to be in a mentoring program.

We are all sinners needing salvation through the grace of God. Together we will work through our earthly struggles while focusing on the eternal gift from God and the true peace that brings.